The Verge Company

When intuition meets investment.

The Verge Company listens. To the needs, desires and dreams of the people of Los Angeles’ neighborhoods. They have successfully invested and launched a diverse portfolio of businesses — all with a common thread of bettering the communities they serve. Core to the Verge Company is a fearless and relentless pursuit of championing the potential of its employees, with an unwavering ethical compass in all its business matters.

The successful portfolio of companies is proudly enhancing and changing the neighborhoods and lifestyles of Angelenos they so passionately serve.

Our Portfolio

Properties Managed by 213

The Verge Company’s portfolio is deep in real estate and hospitality. The hotel group includes the Ocean Park Hotel, Venice on the Beach, Hotel Hollywood (and most recently) the historic American Hotel in the booming Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.


Will a business become a place to gather? Will it celebrate its culture? Will it endure? These are the questions we ask of a venture...

The Verge Company