The Rooms at Walker Inn


The Rooms at Walker Inn

The Walker Inn is located directly behind 213 Hospitality and Proprietors LLC’s The Normandie Club inside the Hotel Normandie, and accommodates 27 people as an exclusive seating room on a mainly reservation basis, with 7 seats at the bar and 20 distributed among tables. The Walker Inn lives on the cutting edge of cocktail creation from the behind-the-scenes technology used in their craft to the emphasis on exceptional high-level service. Cocktail offerings are divided between two separate menus: one celebrates approximately fifty iconic classics of the cocktail world at one time, while the other presents specialty drinks with focused, seasonally-inspired and/or thematically-inspired components.

In conjunction with the bar program, The Walker Inn will also encompass a larger hospitality element, assuming ownership of ten rooms within the recently-renovated hotel, which are slated to debut in early 2016. While the ten rooms share the same infrastructure with Hotel Normandie, each room will boast its own unique design. Additionally, a subscription service, launching in early 2016, will allow guests of The Walker Inn to procure memberships, and keep a bottle of their own stashed away at the bar for safe keeping. Both a nod to the time-honored traditions of K-Town and in an effort to make highly coveted Walker Inn experience available to regulars at a moment’s notice, the lockers will also enroll members in a monthly gift service that’s sure to turn heads.

The Walker Inn is accessible through The Normandie Club, located at 3612 W 6th St in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood. We’re open Wednesday through Sunday, 8pm to 2am.

How do reservations work?
All reservations to The Walker Inn can be made two weeks in advance from our website, Reservations slots of two hours are available at the bar and within the lounge; we will happily accommodate longer whenever possible. Bar reservations are exclusively for omakase cocktail service. Please see below for more information.

How do I get to The Walker Inn?
Enter through The Normandie Club at 3612 W 6th St. The Walker Inn is located towards the back of the bar, accessible through the secret door. Simply push the button to the left of the door (a red light will come on) and someone will be right with you. Please ask the host or bartender at The Normandie Club for directions.

Do you take walk-ins?
Yes. Every night a small portion of our seating is reserved for walk-ins and guests of the Rooms at Walker Inn. However, with our very limited capacity we highly recommend securing a reservation. For walk-in service please push the button to the left of the door and wait for our host to take your information. You will receive a text confirmation when your seats are ready.

How does the menu work?
We have two menus at The Walker Inn: The Book and The Walker Menu. The Book is a compendium of our favorite classic cocktails done in the house style. The Walker Menu draws inspiration from one core theme and changes every four to six weeks on average. Within the lounge, cocktails from The Walker Menu are offered a la carte.

For bar seat reservations, we offer an omakase-inspired experience of two or more courses starting at $45 per person. Depending on each guest’s preferences, cocktails are chosen from the current Walker Menu as well as from our larger compendium. Please follow us on social media for updates of new Walker menus.

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