Lani Verge

The Verge Company
Founder, Co-Chairman and Chief Financial Officer


As the Co-Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of the robust portfolio of business ventures under The Verge Company umbrella, Lani oversees all financial and operational activities.

Lani graduated from USC with an Accounting degree, received her California CPA license, and worked for Big 8 accounting firm Ernst and Young.

In 1996, Lani and her husband Mark founded Westside Rentals, quickly evolving into the leading apartment and home rentals search engine, and Southern California’s essential online nexus and mobile access to rental apartments.

They successfully transitioned the company from a predominantly retail storefront business to a hybrid clicks ‘n mortar model. Mark and Lani’s ability to anticipate the changing marketplace, adopt new technologies at the right time, and manage a large diverse workforce played an important role in Westside Rentals success, buoyed by Lani’s measured financial management and investment savvy.

As a founder of one of LA’s premier local businesses, she has guided its growth for two decades assuring relevance and sustainability with thoughtful decision-making and financial prowess. The company embraces diversity and encourages creativity and achievement. Lani’s integrity and humility are rare.

The Verge Company is in its second decade, is now deep in real estate and hospitality investment; including award-winning craft cocktail bars, restaurants, and boutique hotels in Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles.

Lani juggles a full life — along with her leadership role with The Verge Company, she prides herself as a wife, mother, daughter, friend and community supporter.

The Verges support local schools and arts organizations on an ongoing basis; including the Venice Historical Society, the Santa Monica History Museum, and the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, among others.

As an employer for their diverse portfolio of companies, Lani is committed to diversity and nurturing talent, and proud of being a first-time employer for hundreds of local students new to the workforce annually.

The Verge Company